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Daily Jurnal GLAS JAVNOSTI, August 1998. / Serbian source
Actors of the affair with a baby on the accusatory bench by the end of August
With doctors' help to somebody else's baby


BELGRADE - Zorica Popovic (30), a housewife from village Vukon near Ub, Dr Nedo Cutura (51), chief of the operation block of laparoscopic surgery of the Clinic for gynecology and childbirth "Narodni Front", Spasa Andjelic (43), chief of the section for interruption of pregnancy of the Clinic for gynecology and childbirth "Narodni Front" and Veroslav Marinkovic (61) chief of the section of intensive care at pediatric ward at the same clinic will find themselves on the accusatory bench of the Second court in Belgrade on August 30 accused for the affair with a baby discovered at the end of October last year.

Zorica was, at that time, arrested for more frauds, but, thinking that the fraud with the baby was discovered, she told everything to inspectors. Dr Cutura treated her for sterility from 1994; in September 1997 she told the doctor that she had problems with her husband Zoran and his family because they have been married for some time and they didn't have any children.

She was afraid of divorce so she asked the doctor to help her adopt a newborn male child, but to present to her family and husband that she gave birth to a baby.

In this way, according to the accusation of the Second prosecution, Dr Cutura told Zorica's husband, Zoran that he is going to become a father, but that the exact date of the delivery can't be told precisely. He was happy but also interested about the state of the pregnancy, and when he got tired of waiting he insisted that Dr Cutura told him the date of the delivery.

At the end of December Zorica cut all connections with Dr Cutura and asked Dr Andjelic for help. He promised that she could adopt a child legally, but that he would, as stated in the accusation, tell her husband and family that she gave birth.

The parents didn't know

Parents of the girl from Ali Bunar were interested for a long time with Dr Marinkovic about the health condition of their child. The doctor, as it is stated in the accusation, kept them in fallacy claiming that the baby was ill and that it would remain on treatment for some time.

When the unhappy mother asked to see her daughter (she couldn't travel to Belgrade as she didn't have enough money) Dr Marinkovic called Zorica and went to Ali Bunar with her and the baby to show it to the real mother. After that he gave the baby to Zorica again!

So, on December 14, 1997 Zorica called her family in Vukon and said she gave birth to a son, but that the baby, due to premature birth and a small weight, has to remain at the clinic. It was actually a baby of an under aged girl who was hiding her pregnancy from the parents. Of course, Zoran visited his not destined son several times at the clinic and, allegedly, gave Dr Andjelic 100 DM and baked pork. But Zorica's joy was short termed because Dr Andjelic soon told her that the parents of the poor under aged girl found out about the delivery and that they will take the baby!

Then, the not destined mother asked Dr Veroslav Marinkovic for help. He also promised a legal adoption of a baby, but advised her to take a child of Roza and Milorad Nikolic from Ali Bunar for keeping until a favorable opportunity shows. They were poor and beside that, Roza was very ill, only Zorica didn't know the child was female! She decided to hide the baby's gender from her husband. He and his family were convinced the baby was male.

Dr Marinkovic visited them in Vukon and got raw pork and 100 DM and he helped Zorica to cover the baby's gender by covering it with some medical material. They explained to not destined father that some problems about urination occurred, but that they would heal in time. When Zoran Popovic asked for the necessary documentation he needed for baptizing the baby and reporting it to a birth official, Dr Marinkovic, according to the accusation, forged the discharge list putting in it the false data that the baby was delivered by Zorica, that it is male and that it was cured from December 14, 1997 to May 26,1998.

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