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  • My Mum gave birth to a baby boy on September 1, 1980 in Sremska Mitrovica Hospital. She was told by the medical staff that the baby was dead. She had not seen the body. We have a suspect he is alive. If anyone who is adopted, was born near this date, please contact me.
    All children look very much like the parents. All have a strong body shape.
    The oldest sister has brown hair and green eyes, high 1,63m.
    Middle sister has blond hair and blue eyes, high about 1,70m.
    The youngest brother has blond hair and blue eyes, very high and strong.
    Father: Nenad Bucin
    Mother: Milena Bucin, Maiden surnames: Korica Klaic

    (Snezana Bucin,, 23. avgust 2016. 21:49)

  • My brother was born in Sarajevo Bosnia 1976. My mum think when the baby born she heard crying. The baby was born premature 8 months. I don't know exact time when my brother was born. My mum was transferred from Han Pijesak to Sarajevo. The doctor told her my brother died and we never buried his body.

    (Dana S,, 19. april 2016. 14:34)

  • Could I be a missing baby?
    My name is Marcus. I am writing on behalf of my spouse Gentiana.
    She has for soon 30 years lived in the belief that her parents are her biological parents.
    Gentiana is supoosed to be borned on the 8th of february 1987.(That's what her passport says.
    She has her whole life believed that her parents are her biological parents, but recently we have found out through various sources that she is adopted. She has been brought up in a kosovo-albanian family as the single child with parents that today are 68 years of age.
    A little about her history -
    As an infant she lived in Mitrovica, we are guessing between 1988 and 1992. She is being told that she was around 6 - 8 month when she came to her "adoptive" parents. In 1992 before the war in bosnia broke out Gentiana and her mom went to live in Sweden, 1994 her father came to Sweden after being imprisoned for something we don't know for a few years.
    She always suspected something was wrong, she don't have the typical Albanian appearance.
    Gentiana was blond as a child, light skin and blue eyes. She has a more "slavic" look than Most albanians she has met.
    But anyhow, the story about her adoption is strange. Her parents refuse to give her any information at all and their relationship is very complicated. They are giving contradictary lies, trying to misled her etc. They are more interested in who the source is. They say they have documentation the one day, and the other not.
    Her mom says she doesnt know anything, then says she don't know who her mom was and that she was taken from an orphanage (the the mom has forgotten the name of) Everything in their reaction and lies are just sick and very wierd. Feels like they are hiding something. They have also said that it wasn't planned for her to know anything at all until they were dead. They simple don't want her to have the whole truth and we really can't trust any of her relatives neither.
    So everybody is lying about more or less everything.
    The story of the adoption so far is that she was as mentioned taken from an orphanage i mitrovice (but some people say peje, another gjakov) the "headmaster" of the orphange had called to her mom and more or less said: "We have a baby for you". But it seemws strange to us that you just can walk in an adopt a baby like that, sure even then back in the 80's controls would have been made on the adoptive family, process etc. Then the other day her mom says that the government advertised on the television to adopt an orphan in the 80's because they were so many. Could that be true?
    We fear that she might be one of the babies bought and sold in the eighties, we hope for your guidance on how to begin investigate everything.Alot of things are pointing to this at least, but then we still don't know for sure, but based on the reaction of her parents and their way of dealing with it it feels like something is terribly wrong.
    Her name today is Gentiana. Another name "Melek" is also circulating in her past it's said that her parents first thought she should be named Melek, but then at the hospital when she were borned a relative thought Gentiana was nicer. Her parents have her whole life made Gentiana believe that her adoptive mom gave birth to her. So it's a big lie.
    Gentiana has no birth registration papers at hand or anything besides her swedish passport, if there is anything her parents here in sweden have it, but we fear that tit anyways could be falsified.
    Gentiana would be very open to sending her DNA to matched with potential parents.
    Do any one know of any parents missing a baby girl borned 86, 87 or 88 with blue eyes and light skin?
    There is somekind of connection of my adoption and people involved to the city "Novi Pazar" in the story below.
    Gentiana can only write in albanian and none of us can write in serbian.

    (Marcus & Gentiana Ekberg,, 7. januar 2016. 18:32)

  • I believe that you are alive.
    I gave birth to you in janvary the 10th in Valjevo (Serbia).
    As a baby, you were sate and sound and doctors gave you the best mark. As any other baby, they brought you to me for breastfeed and nothing indicated to the „misfortune“ that is about to happen.
    On the fourth day (in Janvary the 14th in 1997.) at 6 o'clock in the morning, doctors came into my room and told my that my little baby has died. Of all the questions that were running through my head at that moment, only one was left out. And that question has been eating me out in the following years, and the question was – „is that true?“
    I believed doctors and their staff, not knowing that many of them were criminals and monsters that stole children from their unfortunate mothers and sold them to the people without children.
    Now, in January the 10th in 2015. it is going to be 18 years since then. Maybe it is time now, or maybe it will never be.
    If you are alive, somewhere, and if you find something connected to you in my words, then you mother, you have a little sister and her greatest wish is to have a brother.

    (Ljiljana Panić,, September 29, 2015. 09:11)

  • Hi. I've read with interest your pages and have now decided it is quite possible that my mum's firstborn was stolen after birth, and not dead.
    My mum was 20 when she was pregnant with her first child, and my dad 24. They were both very healthy, very beautiful and very naive people, from what i can gather now.
    My mum apparently carried her child full term, exceptionally healthy pregnancy, no problems, no issues - until the very last moment when she was giving birth. Apparently she was admitted to Zemunska Bolnica on 5th of March 1971, and gave birht on 7th March 1971 after a long labour. Apparently just as she was about to give birth to the child the midwife on duty called the doctor saying: "Doctore, tonovi", (Doctor, the sounds), and then the doctor came, cut my mum and the baby came out. As the baby came out the midwife took the baby immidiately and left the room. My mum didn't understand what was going on and why they just took the baby. About an hour or so later, the doctor came in and said to her that the baby was a boy, but it was dead. He said to her not to worry, she was young and she would have more babies, and to suffer. ("Ne brini se, ti si mlada, imaces jos beba"). She was in such a shock, she didn't ask to see the baby, nothing. Neither did my dad. Neither did anyone in my family.
    Apparently she was released from the hospital the following Friday after she delivered the baby (11th or 12th of March 1071, one of those dates), and the only thing she was given was a little note that stated she was being released from the hospital after giving birth to a dead male baby, weight 4.450kg and 62cm in length. She did not get a birth certificate, or a death certificate, or a postmortem regarding why the baby died, she was not allowed to see the body, she has no idea what happened to the body. She got nothing. She has told me this story about 20 years ago, and it was actually me who said to her: "Well, how can you be sure that your baby died? You don't have proof of anything. You don't even have proof anymore that you even gave birth at that hospital" (She lost the discharge note, so she really has nothing to go on).
    However, there are three more notes proving that she gave birth to three more children - me, my brother and my sister. On every one of those there are details of our birth, together with our birth certificates. Why wouldn't she have received a birth certificate when she gave birth, and then a death certificate stating the time of death, cause of death, etc.?
    I am very, very curious by nature and this has been something i've been thinking about for over 20 years. I've dismissed it many times, but now after coming across your article, i truly question everything that has happened. I'v
    I've sent an email to Zemunska bolnica requesting the details of my mother's admission to the hospital and consequently of her giving birth of to four babies - it would be interesting to see what they come back with, if anything at all. But now that i know what i now, i won't stop until i get proof of this child either being alive, or dead, alll those years ago. And maybe it can give my mother some closure as well, because she has never really known what has happened to this baby of hers.
    Kind regards

    (Vesna Ergarac,, 26. januar 2013. 01:53)

  • Pančevo Hospital 1970

    Please excuse that I write in English as I find that I can be more presice this way. On the 16/03/1970 my mother gave birth to a female child, upon delivery she had heard her child cry as with most births. The hospital she was born in was Pancevo. My mother's name is Milevka Nakic, Glogonj, Skolska ulica, but at the time of birth she and my father were out of wedlock and was called on the certificate Malevka Jovanovska. We have only managed to aquire a birth certificate stating the child dead on delivery which has now greatly concerned us after reading the many reports on your site. Is there anyone that can help us investigate this matter as we are greatly concerned and beleive there are too many inconsistencies relating to our story especially when the child was rushed away at birth with both my father and mother being told they could not see her.
    I can be contacted on The birth certificate number is 350 godina 1970. If you could find the time to help or give us directions or procedures we could follow, it would be immensly appreciated.
    Thank you

    (Milivoj Nakić, 26. januar 2009. 00:59)




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